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Stay22's 2023 Odyssey: From Links to Legends

Welcome to Stay22's 2023 Year in Review! We're excited to share the insights, innovations, and achievements that have shaped Stay22 over the past year- right from our Co-Founders Andrew and Hamed! Our continued mission is to provide transparency and celebrate our progress with all of you. So, let's dive into what made 2023 an exceptional year for Stay22.

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Andrew, Stay22's CEO, on Business Growth and More

How has Stay22's business grown in terms of revenue, partnerships, or market presence in 2023?

"Stay22's revenue tripled in 2023, reaching $250M in total booking value. Active partnerships grew fourfold, from 200 to over 800. Stay22 now has a global presence, solidifying its position as a leader in the travel affiliation industry."


Andrew on Community Initiatives

How has Stay22 engaged with and supported its partner community or customer base throughout the year?

"Stay22 paid $10 million to partners since our inception and we're striving to give $10 million in 2024 alone! Stay22's ongoing commitment to its partner community extends beyond business transactions and is a pillar of our competitive advantage in the industry." 


Andrew on Stay22's Goals

Looking ahead, what are the key areas of focus or goals for Stay22 in the coming year or beyond?

"Stay22's future focus includes expanding across multiple channels to serve content creators wherever they are. We aim to make its solution even easier to implement while adding more supply and services to deliver quality content to users through 2024 and beyond."


Challenges and Resilience: Andrew on Facing Challenges

Challenges and Resilience: Can you share any challenges that Stay22 faced in 2023 and how the company demonstrated resilience in addressing them?

"One of the prominent challenges faced by Stay22 was the ambitious task of scaling our team from 24 to 37. As any growing organization knows, bringing in new talents while preserving the existing company culture can be a delicate balancing act. Maintaining a harmonious team dynamic even as we welcomed new members into the Stay22 family was very important to us. This endeavour required meticulous planning, effective communication, and a strong commitment to our shared values. 

Just as Montreal residents layer up and navigate the cold with resilience, Stay22 approached 2023's challenges with the same determined spirit. We embraced each obstacle as an opportunity for growth, learning, and innovation."


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Hamed, Stay22's CTO, on Technological Advancements and Innovation

What technological advancements or innovations did Stay22 introduce in 2023 that you are particularly proud of?

"We kicked off our year-in-review with a fascinating look into the world of technology and innovation. In 2023, Stay22's focus was on understanding the context of travel content better than ever before. We aimed to extract all the valuable information, from hotels and destinations to experiences, to generate offers seamlessly."


Enhancing the Core: Hamed on Product Development

Can you highlight any key developments or improvements made to Stay22's core products and services this year?

"Stay22's core product, the link, received a significant upgrade in 2023. These links are now infused with machine learning capabilities, making them smarter than ever. These enhanced links do much more than simply redirect users. They self-fix broken links, add missing context to them, and even redirect users to the most converting destinations based on their preferences. Moreover, Stay22 introduced PSRP (Pinned Search Results Page) to further boost conversion rates, making it a game-changer in the affiliate marketing space."


Adapting for Success: Hamed on Market Adaptation

How has Stay22 adapted to meet the evolving needs of partners?

"We've really emphasized Stay22's responsiveness to partner needs. While one team focuses on addressing partner requests and feedback, another team at Stay22 continuously experiments with new ideas and features. This approach ensures that Stay22 not only meets partner wants but also anticipates their future needs. It's a dynamic strategy that keeps Stay22 at the forefront of the industry."


Data-Driven Decisions: Hamed on Data and Analytics

How has data and analytics played a role in decision-making and product enhancements at Stay22 this year?

"The role of data and analytics has been huge this year in Stay22's decision-making process. Stay22 constantly conducts A/B tests, but what sets us apart is that many of these tests happen behind the scenes in the backend. We're always pioneering new ways of interpreting data and creating meaningful correlations. Our early integration into the travel discovery process gives us a unique perspective, allowing Stay22 to consistently generate properties and apply machine learning effectively."

Interpreting location data has been our bread and butter since we started in 2016. We can determine if a destination is in a vibrant city centre or a peaceful rural setting. By considering factors like GDP, population density, or climate, among other things, we can better predict whether a user will likely choose a vacation rental or a traditional hotel stay.


One of the many models at Stay22 for predicting the best supply to redirect to.


Overcoming Challenges: Hamed on Technical Challenges

Where there any notable technical challenges faced in 2023, and how did Stay22 overcome them?

"We deeply appreciate having supportive partners willing to be part of our experiments. A big part of our mutual success lies in the ability to make quick iterations based on real-world feedback. In the machine learning field, Stay22 is exploring new feature patterns while being prepared to learn from mistakes. It's a journey that requires patience, attention to detail, and a willingness to take calculated risks."


Interested in being a beta tester? Send us an email! 


Improving Partner Experience: Hamed on User Experience

What steps were taken to enhance the partner experience on Stay22's platform?

"It's important to note the ongoing improvements to the Stay22 Hub and the invaluable feedback received from our partners. Each partner at Stay22 has a dedicated expert who understands both the technical and business aspects of affiliate marketing. This human touch sets Stay22 apart, ensuring partners receive the best possible experience and support."


2023 has been a remarkable year for Stay22, marked by innovation, growth, and a strong commitment to partners, community, and sustainability. We thank you, our partners and investors, for your continued support, and we look forward to an even more exciting future together.


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