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Stay22 Insight Series: Skyrocket Your Travel Blog Revenue With Competitive SEO

Climb Higher, Blog Bolder

Are you looking to take the next big step in growing your audience? Our webinar was crafted for those who’ve got 10s of thousands of monthly visitors and are looking to push the limits even further. ⁤⁤

We're thrilled to have Aaron Levenstadt, a Stanford-educated data scientist, seasoned SEO expert, and ex-Google employee lead this session. His approach to digital marketing, combined with his extensive experience at Google positions him as the perfect guide to help you navigate the complexities of SEO in travel blogging. 

Check out this informative session to transform your approach to SEO to help you scale your traffic and send your affiliate marketing revenues through the roof.  




⁤What We Covered

  1. ⁤Optimizing Your Existing Arsenal: Discover the art of refining your current content to make it work harder for you. ⁤⁤Learn how to polish your posts with optimized SEO techniques that can significantly boost your visibility and engagement. ⁤

  2. ⁤Keyword Conquest: Expand your reach by targeting new keywords with high potential. ⁤⁤We'll guide you through the process of identifying lucrative keywords and integrating them seamlessly into your content, to increase your organic traffic further. 

  3. ⁤Outranking the Competition: Gain the upper hand by conducting a thorough competitive SEO analysis. ⁤⁤Learn how to dissect your competitors' strategies, identify their gaps, and capitalize on untapped opportunities to take the top spot. ⁤

  4. Creating Content That Wins: Learn how to produce content that's optimized to outrankᅳcontent that provides exceptional value, satisfies search intent, and keeps your audience coming back for more. ⁤

Our Presenter

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Aaron Levenstadt ⁤

Aaron Levenstadt completed his degree in Data Science from Stanford University. His focus in statistical and data modeling at Stanford has given him an unparalleled data-driven approach to digital and search engine marketing.  

After graduating from Stanford, Aaron worked at Google at the company's headquarters in Mountain View, California.

While at Google, Aaron worked directly on the Organic Search, Paid Search, and Google Analytics products; equipping him with extensive knowledge of the underlying mechanisms driving Google's algorithms.

Aaron was the entrepreneurial force behind Pedestal Search – applying his knowledge of search engines to grow a tech-enabled SEO agency. In December 2021, Pedestal Search was purchased by a large Digital Marketing outfit.

Since exiting Pedestal, Aaron has founded Conversion Compass – a boutique SEO growth advisory with the aim of helping organizations get the most profitability out of content and assets that they already own. 

Watch The Webinar

⁤This webinar is a must-watch for travel bloggers eager to elevate their SEO game and take their growth to the next level. ⁤⁤We unlocked advanced strategies to increase your organic traffic, engage your audience more effectively, and secure a leading position in the competitive world of travel blogging. ⁤

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