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Stay22 Announces TripAdvisor Implementation

tripadvisor stay22

Stay22 is excited to announce the launch of its new TripAdvisor, integration. This feature allows users to easily compare hotel prices and book their stay all on one platform.

The integration gives Stay22 customers access to over 200 million reviews, opinions, and photos from TripAdvisor travellers around the world. Customers can also quickly search for hotels near any destination they choose, allowing them to find the best accommodations at the lowest price possible.

Stay22’s mission has always been to make travel planning simpler and more affordable for everyone - this new partnership with TripAdvisor makes that goal a reality. With this integration, customers can now compare hotel prices across multiple platforms in just a few clicks while still taking advantage of all that TripAdvisor has to offer in terms of user-generated content and ratings.

Stay22’s TripAdvisor compatibility for Allez, Let Me Allez and MAP products allows clients and partners to copy and paste their TripAdvisor links into the Deeplinks generator and begin monetizing the travel intent of their website visitors. Keep in mind, the integration is only for accommodation.

FAQ regarding the integration:

What product does it concern?

Trip Advisor is integrated on Map, Allez and Let Me Allez.

How do I create TripAdvisor Deeplinks? As simple as before, partners can copy and paste the links into the Deeplinks generator and voila! Don’t forget it is only for accommodation.

What does this mean for my reports? One insertion is made per day. You can see the insertions on the Hub in the booking section. Please note that the insertion made for each day is the accumulation of ALL clicks made that day, not for each individual click.

As we are transparent about the commission model, here are the changes to be aware of:

For the columns in the Booking section:

  • Category : CPC

  • Booked Date : This date will be the Insertion date

  • Booking Status : Same as the other categories

  • Commission : Commission amount is displayed

  • Booking ID : A booking ID is inserted

  • Payment status : Same as the other categories

We hope you are as excited about this integration as we are and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

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