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Enhancing the Power of Let Me Allez: Optimized Redirect

Stay22 is continuously working to provide our partners with cutting-edge tools that make your lives easier, while elevating revenue opportunities.

Today, we're thrilled to introduce an exciting enhancement to our Optimized Redirect feature, that will elevate your travel content monetization. 



What's New with Optimized Redirect

Watch the video below for the full breakdown:




The Evolution of Optimized Redirect: a Quick Refresher

When we originally created Optimized Redirect (OR), it was designed to tackle a common challenge faced by travel bloggers – directing users to an OTA's homepage, when a more targeted link was far more beneficial.

With OR, rather than send a user to Kayak's homepage, they'd go to a flight search page with their location and (potential) destination pre-populated.

Example: I'm in Montreal, and I'm reading about NYC. When I click the link, I get sent to a search page with flights from Montreal to NYC. This increases my odds of making a booking.


Optimized Redirect OR


Now, with our latest enhancement, we're taking Optimized Redirect even further, and optimizing Hotel bookings.


A Boost in Hotel Bookings Conversion Rates

Optimized Redirect's newest update is designed to optimize your Hotel bookings conversions.

First, our A.I. studies your specific audience's hotel booking behaviors.

Second, it determines whether your audience responds better to a Hotel Details Pages (HDP), or a search page with your hotel choice pinned at the top (our tech team calls it a Pinned Search Results Pages, which is a mouthful).

Finally, it redirects your traffic to one or the other accordingly, with one goal in mind – to significantly increase your conversion rates.



Keep in mind that the A.I. will only make this change if your audience is likely to go for it. If it determines that a Hotel Details Page is best, then nothing changes.

If this seems unclear, check out the video at the top of this page for clarification.


Results That Speak Volumes

What kind of impact can you expect from this enhancement? The numbers don't lie. During our rigorous testing phase, this new feature delivered remarkable results, with a 10.6% average conversion rate increase.

These enhancements aren't just about numbers; they're also about giving your visitors the best possible experience. And happy visitors are spendy visitors, nudge nudge wink wink.


Explore the Possibilities

We're excited to bring this enhancement to all of our partners, empowering you to extract even more value from your travel content.

This newest OR feature is now live to all LMA partners and is designed to seamlessly integrate into your existing workflow, requiring no additional action on your part.




Already a Stay22 LMA partner? This enhancement is already LIVE, earning you passive income 😉. For additional questions please contact psm@stay22.com.


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