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Case Study: TicketOne and Stay22

Transforming TicketOne: How Stay22 MAP Enhanced the Ticketing Experience

In a world of rapid digital evolution, customer expectations continue to rise exponentially. Today’s savvy consumers seek engaging, streamlined, and comprehensive online experiences. Recognizing this, TicketOne, a leading Italian ticketing provider, sought to enhance its customer journey by integrating Stay22’s MAP (Mapped Accommodation Platform) into their multi-channel platform. This case study reveals how TicketOne has substantially enriched its user experience and generated new revenue streams while maintaining its commitment to customer service.

Download the case study.

Since its establishment in 1998, TicketOne has been delivering ticketing services for music, entertainment, sports, and cultural events. It holds an impressive record of selling millions of tickets through its platform, marking its presence as a leader in the industry. However, despite its noteworthy success, TicketOne wasn’t content resting on its laurels.

Elevating the user experience to offer a comprehensive, seamless service became the company’s next frontier. More specifically, TicketOne sought a solution to enable ticket buyers to book accommodation near their event venues smoothly and effortlessly. And here’s where Stay22 stepped in, providing an exceptional MAP application that revolutionized TicketOne’s customer journey.

The integration of Stay22 MAP provided dynamic, event-specific accommodation options that enriched the user experience significantly. By displaying nearby available accommodations based on the event’s date and location, Stay22’s MAP solution offered a valuable tool for event-goers, contributing to an enhanced customer journey.

Delve deeper into the TicketOne transformation by downloading the full case study. Discover how TicketOne leveraged Stay22’s MAP to elevate customer experiences and create a holistic journey for its users. Learn how the company’s commitment to innovation and user satisfaction, coupled with the advanced solutions offered by Stay22, redefined the ticketing experience for millions of customers.

Download the case study.



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