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Case Study: Practical Wanderlust and Stay22

practical wanderlust case study stay22

How Stay22 is underpinning the profitability and success of one of the world’s largest travel blogs

Practical Wanderlust, a successful travel blog, has recently been working with Stay22 to save time and earn more through affiliate revenue. Stay22 offers a simple, easy-to-use solution called Let Me Allez (LMA), which converts all existing accommodation links into Stay22 deeplinks and allows for quick payment of commissions. Read the entire case study through the link below!

Download the Case Study.

With Stay22, Practical wanderlust founder Lia Garcia has seen double the conversion rates and a significant increase in revenue. Before Stay22, switching links was a tedious, ongoing process for Lia but adopting the LMA script has been a time saving game changer allowing her to focus more on what she loves- creating content for her audience. Adopting LMA was simple, and thanks to the dedicated Stay22 account manager and support, Lia can move on with other tasks while Stay22 earns in the background.

To read more about Lia’s success in partnership with Stay22, read the entire case study today!

Are you a travel blogger interested in what Stay22 can do for you? Get started with Let Me Allez today, register to our Partner Hub!

practical wanderlust case study


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