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8 Predicted Trends in Accommodation Affiliate Marketing for 2024 and their Impact

Diving into the dynamic world of accommodation affiliate marketing, we sought insights from marketing directors and digital marketing managers on the trends set to make waves in 2024. From micro-influencers to sustainability trends influencing affiliate choices, discover the eight trends these experts predict will reshape the industry.

  • Micro-Influencers Boost Local Engagement
  • Daycations Create New Affiliate Opportunities
  • Video Content Enhances Accommodation Visualization & TikTok Drives Millennial and Gen Z Bookings
  • Personalized Experiences Shape Travel Content
  • Improved Platforms Streamline Affiliate Processes
  • Digital Nomads Inspire Extended Stay Partnerships
  • Coupons and Cash-Back Attract Customers
  • Sustainability Trends Influence Affiliate Choices

Micro-Influencers Boost Local Engagement

One trend I predict for 2024 is micro-influencer partnerships in lodging affiliate marketing. Rather than relying solely on large travel bloggers, you can connect hosts with local content creators to appeal to niche audiences. This hyper-targeting resonates with travelers looking for authentic experiences and recommendations from local people. 

You can get kayaking tips from a local who might be a SUP instructor promoting his tent, or a foodie staying at a charming B&B. Imagine the city's hidden gems shared by such bloggers. This local trust and personal touch increase engagement and bookings, making it a win-win for both affiliate partners and accommodation providers.

Fahad Khan, Digital Marketing Manager, Ubuy India

Daycations Create New Affiliate Opportunities

This year, I've noticed a significant rise in the popularity of daycations, indicating a change in travel habits toward more concise, immersive escapes. There's a growing overlap between the realms of private member clubs and hotels, with many properties now looking toward local communities for customers. This trend appeals to those wanting short yet meaningful experiences—a chance to break away from the everyday for a day filled with relaxation, discovery, or adventure, minus the obligations of an extended vacation.

In terms of affiliate marketing, this shift toward daycations opens up new avenues for promotion and partnerships. Affiliate marketers can capitalize on this trend by partnering with hotels and clubs offering these one-day experiences, creating content that highlights the unique aspects of these short getaways.

Patrick Beltran, Marketing Director, Ardoz Digital

Video Content Enhances Accommodation Visualization & TikTok Drives Millennial and Gen Z Bookings

A prominent accommodation affiliate marketing trend in 2024 will be video content. People love to know everything about a hotel or other accommodation places before choosing. Videos can provide that experience, as they can provide all the details of a room and the outdoors of a hotel. 

As a result, customers can have a virtual tour of the hotel before deciding to book. However, affiliate marketers can put short teasers of the videos because most customers prefer short videos. The ones who have an interest in long videos can click the link to them. If they like the teasers or the long videos, they will immediately want to stay in the hotel.

Tom Vota, Marketing Director, Gotomyerp

TikTok will be the top asset for accommodation affiliate marketing. Marketing materials that showcase actual videos and photos, especially from the one sharing them, will prove to be very effective in catching the attention of Millennials and Gen Zs. TikTok is one of the perfect places to see great success in marketing accommodations, especially near travel destinations.

Kristel Kongas, CMO, Inboxy OÜ

Personalized Experiences Shape Travel Content

There’s a growing consumer demand for unique and tailored travel experiences. Modern travelers seek more than just a place to stay; they crave experiences. As an affiliate, you must prioritize storytelling and immersive content that goes beyond basic hotel descriptions. Focus on creating content that highlights the unique features, local attractions, and authentic experiences associated with accommodations.

Social media platforms will continue to be influential in the accommodation affiliate space. Therefore, you must leverage platforms like Instagram and TikTok to showcase visually compelling content, user-generated experiences, and travel influencers endorsing accommodations. Social proof now plays a significant role in customer decision-making.

Mark Damsgaard, Founder, Global Residence Index


Improved Platforms Streamline Affiliate Processes

A big shift in 2024 for accommodation affiliate marketing will be the rise of improved affiliate platforms. These platforms are becoming more tailored for B2B interactions, offering a variety of partnership options under one roof.

This change is about making everything more streamlined and transparent for both program managers and affiliates. It means less manual data pulling and more time focusing on strategy. Plus, with flexible commission models on the rise, it's a win-win for everyone involved in the affiliate game.

Marco Genaro Palma, Content Marketing Manager, PRLab



Digital Nomads Inspire Extended Stay Partnerships

With the rise of remote work, I expect to see accommodation providers partner with digital-nomad community platforms through affiliate programs. 

Jointly promoting extended resort stays with access to nomad meetups and events creates an attractive package for location-independent travelers. These partnerships allow both businesses to access new client segments, while providing digital nomads with community-bonding opportunities.

Eric Lam, Head of Business Strategy, Energy Credit Transfer

Coupons and Cash-Back Attract Customers

One trend I foresee in accommodation affiliate marketing is the utilization of coupons and cash-back programs. Coupons and cash-back programs will attract customers and compel them to open the links of brands providing accommodation services. 

Staying in a hotel and getting incentives in return always draws customers. Affiliate marketers can capitalize on it. They can highlight the incentives of hotels or resorts in their affiliate marketing campaigns. It will make the customers curious, and they will open the link. The link will direct them to the booking page with the offers. After seeing the offers, they will likely book rooms. Even if they don't book immediately, they can bookmark the page.

Wayne Mills, Head of Operations UK and Ireland, Seven Seas Worldwide

Sustainability Trends Influence Affiliate Choices

I foresee a rise in sustainability in accommodation affiliate marketing in 2024. The world around us is growing more eco-conscious, and more travelers are looking for eco-friendly lodging options. Therefore, affiliates will also be keen on identifying and promoting sustainable accommodations. 

Affiliates will focus on eco-friendly practices like energy efficiency and waste reduction, along with their social implications. Travelers also prefer accommodations supporting local artisans or contributing to community development.

Affiliates want to stay relevant and appeal to maximum customers. Therefore, prioritizing sustainability is one of the best options. Implementing such measures also increases brand loyalty because travelers recommend your services in their circles while fetching new customers. This trend's knock-on potential is large, so I think a shift to eco-friendly accommodations through affiliate marketing is inevitable.

Faizan Khan, Public Relation and Content Marketing Specialist, Ubuy Australia

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